pursue truth

Truth is a game changer. Without it, we tend to believe what an ex said about us, or our mother, or the voice that says, "You aren't good enough". 

 I will invest time in unlearning all the garbage the enemy tried to pass off as truth. I will identify and accept my TRUE identity. The days of not being skinny enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough, are over. 

seek grace

Grace is what bridges the gap between who you used to be and who you will be. It is the glue that binds.

I will purposely find ways to apply grace in my life on a daily and consistent basis. I will not beat myself up when I didn't meet the impossible goal or high standard I set for myself. Instead I will recalibrate and try again. I will extend that same grace to others. 

live a whole life

A whole life is the aftermath of risking it all and finding the faith to touch the hem of his garment. It is a broken life determined to be a healed one.

I will surrounding myself with pretty things and positive people. I will open windows and dance in the rain. I will cultivate meaningful relationships and show the door to those who weigh me down. I will not allow my past heartbreaks to affect my future healing. 

Sethlina Amakye is a Christian speaker known for her straight talk, witty, and transparent speaking style. She targets modern women of faith in need of practical advice and tools they can implement immediately. For younger audiences, Lina uses pop culture references to link back to Biblical truths.. 

Topics include:

  • Christ Centered Femininity
  • Marriages #Goals
  • Modern Christian Relationships
  • How Good Girls turn Prodigal
  • Things Your Momma Didn't Tell You About Sex
  • He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
  • Depression, Anxiety + Suicide in the Church

and several other timely and pertinent topics for women today.

When she is not speaking, she can be found mentoring young women through her Grow into Grace Mentorship initiative or coaching women into Christ-centered wholeness with her Clarity Life Coaching program. 

Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas

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Pre-Order Now!

Bronx, NY

Bronx, NY


Lina works with women (and sometimes men) who are ready to transform their lives from the inside out. She delights in connecting with people who took their brokenness for granted by showing them  what freedom looks like through Christ.

She is certain that God gave her a second chance at life in order to reach others for the Kingdom. She specializes in Purpose, Relationships and God-preneurship.



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TRIBE was created because of the need for women to be surrounded by supportive and accountable friends. Every woman should have a group of fiercely loyal allies praying for and supporting her. 

TRIBE is where we gather together to be real and honest without fear of judgement. For that one evening you are given permission to leave your mask at the door and be your truest self. 

Find your TRIBE and THRIVE.